The Danang/Quang Nam Fund

The Danang/Quang Nam Fund, Inc. is a 501(c)3 tax exempt international non-governmental organization whose mission is to provide direct aid to the poor and disabled in Danang City and Quang Nam Province in Vietnam, many of whom suffer as a direct result of the American use of Agent Orange and other dioxin-based defoliants during the US-Vietnam war.

By partnering with the The College at Brockport (SUNY), the Danang / Quang Nam Fund, Inc. not only accomplishes its mission in Danang, it also educates young American students on the true nature and history of a forgotten country.

The Mission

Students from US colleges and universities act as the field agents for the Fund's activities as they engage in their service learning and internships. Program participants regularly distribute food, medical supplies, and living assistance directly to the recipients as they travel to both urban homes and outlying villages to meet with candidates for The Fund's programs. In the past, students have been instrumental in identifying new solutions to old problems and have even saved lives by bringing medical issues to the attention of The Fund's professional staff. The service doesn't end there. Many of our participants go on to serve as board members, volunteers, and fundraisers long after their semester abroad.

The Education

The American perspective on Vietnam echoes deeply with the sounds of gunfire and the tragic memories of a long and terrible conflict. Though the war is over, many still cling to old wounds and old ideas of an enemy far away. Today, a new generation of Vietnamese and American citizens have the opportunity to rebuild bridges and create lasting partnerships. Old ideas are beginning to fall away to new perspectives, and fresh minds are opening doors that once were nailed shut. By giving young, open, enthusiastic minds the opportunity to gain first hand knowledge of an incredible culture and a unique political system, The Fund is not only accomplishing its mission in Vietnam, it is creating ambassadors of good will between nations. For more information on the student experience, visit the official website of the Brockport Vietnam Program.