The Danang/Quang Nam Fund

The Danang/Quang Nam Fund, Inc. is a 501(c)3 tax exempt international non-governmental organization whose mission is to provide direct aid to the poor and disabled in Danang City and Quang Nam Province in Vietnam, many of whom suffer as a direct result of the American use of Agent Orange and other dioxin-based defoliants during the US-Vietnam war.

Born out of one Veteran's desire to help those America has forgotten, the Danang/Quang Nam Fund, Inc. works in collaboration with The College at Brockport (SUNY), The Danang Union of Friendship Organizations and other Vietnamese government agencies, and many private organizations to provide aid to the poorest of the poor in Vietnam. We've assisted families of children with disabilities by helping them start businesses, purchase livestock, and pay for medical care. We've built homes for the homeless, fed the hungry, provided medication and consultation for children suffering from debilitating ailments, assisted a colony of lepers, and done so with your donations. Furthermore, the majority of our work is done by American students and volunteers. Working alongside our Vietnamese staff in Danang, students act as ambassadors of goodwill, repairing relationships and learning about a nation both villainized and victimized by the American government and media. We are making a difference.

To make a difference yourself, consider making a tax-deductible donation today. And be assured, 100% of your donations go directly towards those most in need. You may send donations in the form of check or money order to:

The Danang/Quangnam Fund, Inc.
PO Box 67
2614 Main Road
East Pembroke, NY 14056-0067

Feel free to contact our director via the contact form page listed above with any questions.